Have a question for us? Don’t worry! You’re not alone. Feels good to know that, right? Sometimes people have similar questions. Maybe you’ll find yours here!

HELP! What is a Frequently Asked Question?
Sometimes we get asked questions that have been asked before. These questions are called ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and, realizing life is short, a few smart folks thought to shorten this to ‘FAQ.'

I just ordered something awesome from you guys. When will I be able to get my filthy hands on it?
First: Please wash your hands. Good hygiene is important. We need you need to live a long and healthy life! Second: each order is lovingly put together at our magical little studio. We work to process each order within 2 business days. As soon as your order ships you’ll receive an email notification. We work hard to ship orders as fast as possible, however it could take 1-3 weeks for delivery.

Will you come to my birthday party? 
We’d love to, but only in spirit. Right after you eat your cake, pause and look up at the sky. Nod your head knowingly. We’ll be doing the same thing from afar.

No, seriously. I’m doing a thing and I want you to come?
Okay. Brad here. I occasionally do some speaking. You can check that stuff out at

My shirt makes me look too awesome. May I return it?
We get it. Sometimes clothing items needs to be returned. Please email for customer service to see if your order is eligible for return.

Where did the name Montague Workshop come from?
We’re a husband and wife team. Montague is our last name. It’s always been our dream to work together. All our heroes growing up had workshops: Jim Henson, Gepetto, and cool people Mister Rogers would visit who made stuff.

Montague, like Romeo and Juliet right?
Yes, except we’ve never met any Capulets and try to live peaceably with all men and women.

Do you do wholesale orders?
We’d love to find a way to help you get cool gear for your event, group, or just so you can swim in a bunch of stuff like Scrooge McDuck. Send Kristi an email at

Will you be my best friend?
We thought you’d never ask.

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